‘Regard For Iranian Ladies’ nonconformist attacks pitch at World Cup match

A dissident holding a rainbow banner and with a shirt conveying “Respect For Iranian Women” on the back ran onto the pitch during Monday’s down between Portugal and Uruguay at the World Cup in Qatar.
The thriving workforce quickly interceded and moved away from the dissident, who other than had “Save Ukraine” on the exterior of his shirt.

The obstruction has been encompassed by conflict regarding Qatar’s treatment of the LGBT social class as well as against government appearances in Iran.

Portugal’s RĂºben Neves said: “We grasp what has occurred from one side of this World to the next Cup. It’s a standard thing to wind up working. We are all with them moreover. Iran likewise, considering the way that I saw his shirt. I trust nothing happens to the young since we understand his message and I think all the world figured out it also.”

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