“A few social events have their intruder player, who by and large seem to score against them. Which player has the most calling centers against a specific opposition, freed from who he is playing for?” asks John McDougall.

You will not be stumbled by an immense piece of the names on this layout, but we ought to start with an adequately outlandish foe. “David Nugent ought to be up there against Ipswich,” structures Elliot Rawstrone. “Fifteen targets in 18 games for Preston, Portsmouth, Leicester, and Middlesborough.”

The other piece of the Old Home was thoroughly undermined by Luis Suárez. He scored 12 concentrations against Norwich, which puts him under Nugent – anyway, as Ian Separates centers, they came in only six games. Likewise, he didn’t score in the first.
Romario can see Suárez’s record and raise it. In his time at PSV Eindhoven, he had it in for MVV Maastricht. He scored 13 of every six games, including this significance.
Ian Consumes furthermore consolidates Wayne Rooney, who scored on various occasions against four clear clubs: Weapons store, Aston Home, Newcastle, and West Ham Joined. Everton’s most fundamental goalscorer, Dixie Dignitary, was incredibly more inconsistent when it came to putting the hurt on enemies. It’s attempting to be 100% certain with pre-war subtleties, but we think he scored 20 targets against Aston Space, Bolton, and Newcastle.
Everton has been on some denied end in like manner, most noticeably when they went facing Ian Rush. He scored a remarkable on different occasions against them, evaluating four for a grand 5-0 accomplishment at Goodison Park in November 1982 and two each in the FA Cup finals of 1986 and 1989.

Excellent goalscorers overpower the top completion of this layout. Harry Kane scored 20 against Leicester, while Alan Shearer coordinated 21 against Leeds; Robert Lewandowski has savaged the hand that used to oversee him, scoring on different occasions against Borussia Dortmund. Another Bayern legend, the noticeable virtuoso Gerd Müller, put 30 past Hamburg. Partner McCoist scored an equivalent complete against Dundee. Celtic’s ideal driving goalscorer, Jimmy McGrory, hit 33 in just 20 games against Third Lanark.

You should have a lot of involvement with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, right? They have a comparative most esteemed rival – Sevilla. Ronaldo scored on different occasions against them in 18 appearances, including five full go-arounds. Messi, and you’ll like this, hit 38 out of 43 games.
Believe it or not, Messi has scored more than 30 concentrations against three extraordinary parties: Sevilla (38), Atlético Madrid (32), and Valencia (31). Regardless, that isn’t the record. As shown by this extensive quantifiable assessment of his calling, Pelé scored a senseless 50 targets against Corinthians. You can see some of them here.

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